Fantastic Feedback from our Nurses

To Celebrate International Nurses Day on the 12th May we ran a competition for our nurses, We asked them why they like working for HSR as an Agency Nurse.

We had some Fantastic Feedback from our Nurses and we are lucky to have them on our team

“I chose to work at HSR as an agency nurse because nursing is about face to face care. Working for a local company makes me feel part of a team that know you as an individual. Not just a person on the end of a phone”

“I love being a nurse as it fulfils me to help others. Make patients feel safe and cared for, I give 100% to my role as a nurse. We also have a bond as nurses that you can’t explain. HSR staff are also a big part of what we do…always there to listen and guide! Team is everything”

“I would like to say that I particularly enjoy working for HSR as I find the staff super-efficient yet still being friendly and approachable. I like the flexibility and choice (NHS or private), I appreciate the ongoing support they give and not forgetting the recent pay increase! One particular example I like about the agency is if you know there is a shift available, your text is answered almost immediately, and shift booked instead of waiting and worrying about it being snapped up by another agency”.

“For me it’s the HSR team that are amazing”.

“I chose to work for HSR as an agency nurse because of the flexibility of choosing exactly when I work which allows me to spend time with my family, which is the most important thing to me.”

“Highly recommended Healthcare Staff Recruitment for shifts in North Wales! I’m averaging 40-45 hours a week and love the freedom of choosing when and where I work”.


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