Nurse Revalidation – A guide

Here at HSR we understand that the prospect of Revalidation can be a worrying thought so we have put together a revalidation guide to support you through the process.

Who is meant to support me?

Your permanent employer is supposed to support and guide you through the appraisal and revalidation process. Your employer also has a role is providing you with supporting evidence for revalidation


What are HSR doing to support me?

  • Revalidation section on our website with access to approved NMC forms and RCN guides
  • Revalidation meetings for our full-time nurses and a dedicated Nurse Manager to guide you through the process
  • Access to our I.T equipment within our office


Not sure when you’re due to Revalidate?

You can check your revalidation date by logging into your NMC online account. If you have not yet registered for an online account, please register here.

Once you have logged in, in the right-hand corner you will see your:

  • NMC PIN number
  • Fee expiry date
  • Renewal date – your renewal date is your revalidation date

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